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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

potty training chronicles......

Yep... you heard it! Little man turned 17 months today... he is really interested in the potty (and Elmo... and Dora.... and cookies...) so we decided... let's try to potty train!

We're trying the 3-day training's going okay so far... I guess if you like picking poo and pee up off the floor. On the bright side he has at least made it into the toilet the past two days about 10 times =)
 So.... the 3 day method: a lot of people have been asking me what it is and how to do it so I decided I would post what it is (and our daily updates on here)...

It's actually a 3 month dedicated process.. .but the first 3 days are the biggest and craziest of them all!

Rule number 1: keep baby without a diaper on whenever at home... when travelling in car or playing outside, don't use a diaper, but use just shorts/pants over bare bottom =) (this is interesting I must say....)

Rule number 2: Don't Quit!!! There are LOTS of accidents at the beginning, but don't give up as this is the foundation to the future training. we just completed day 2...having a naked little guy running around the house exposing his bare bottom is amusing enough..... until you have a naked little guy running around the house and leaving (and falling in, and touching, and playing with) puddles of pee he left all over...)

Day 1 went great! Micah actually went potty in the little potty 6 times.... 4 times he hopped on and initiated going potty all on his own (the other times was just hit or miss... he would be going potty on the floor and saying uh-oh and I would scoop him up and sit him on the potty to finish his business... fun.. i know.

Day 2.... not as well.. but still okay... He went potty about 4 times on the potty. His favorite part of this whole process is proudly carrying his potty filled with his pee to the big toilet, emptying it out and flushing the toilet and proudly saying "bye bye pee pee!!!" he loves it. Hey... at least i won't have to worry about him not wanting to flush the toilet when he gets older ;)

The not so fun about today's day 2..... I decided being cooped up all day long in the house was no fun for either of us.. and frankly, i was tired of sitting on the hard floor next to a toilet all day long.,. so I brought my little bare-bottomed baby outside onto the deck, brought his potty out, and let him run!
(the good news.... if he went pee on the deck, all i had to do to clean it up was spray with the hose....
the not so-good news...frankly-nasty-news.... he ended up peeing 3 times on the deck and pooping once).. nasty. Thank goodness i'm in third trimester and not 1st anymore..not sure how my stomach would have handled that fun goodness of picking up poo from the deck. ugh. So... not sure if he is ready for outside time but whatev... at least it was easy to clean off... ! Heck.. micah was easy to clean off too! After I sprayed the deck down, I turned the hose on him and cleaned him off too (as he had become fascinated with the wet and poo spots on the deck (ugh))...

so that ends day 2.

I ended up buying him some training pants (unfortunately they had non Elmo ones so not sure if these will do or not)... and bought him Elmo stickers!
Hoping a reward system with his favorite super-hero friend, that good old red fuzzy monster will help to encourage him to be excited to go on the potty again tomorrow...

I'm serious , the neighbors must have a blast watching a 7 month pregnant woman waddle quickly after her naked son all day long and toss him onto a potty as he sprays the floor. ...
hoping for a better tomorrow.....

Monday, August 29, 2011

LONGGGG time no post!

Wow. so i finally remembered my password and that i had a blog (ha). .
decided while micah is napping.. why not try blogging again?

As you can tell.. I'm not very good at keeping up with a blog... i will try to do better.. but our lives have been a bit crazy since Micah's First Bday Party on march 26, so we have been super busy :)

i always said I wanted kids close in age... and voila! On the morning of Micah's First Birthday Party... lo and behold... I took three at-home-pregnancy tests and they all came back positive! I was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant!

I am now going on 27 weeks pregnant. Baby (unlike his or her brother), refuses to let us know its gender. We aren't that sad though as we decided after our first attempt to find out at our 20 week ultrasound, that we would just be surprised :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

birthday party success!

Micah's Birthday party was a success :) we had around 48 adults and 7 kiddos there. Our house was so very crowded but there was a lot of fun and love floating around :) Micah got great gifts, enjoyed his cake, and truly showed mommy that yes,... he is a toddler .. *phew* i said it!

life has become very interesting here in our family. Lots of fun stuff happening. I'll go more into detail about all that later ;)
I'm on the hunt for a part time job.. got offered one part time as a senior caregiver at elderly people's homes who  need help. I'm considering it.. it would be a rewarding job :)
I'm still tring to recover from all this party business.. can't believe my baby boy will be one yrs old on March 30... wednesday! ahh!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yep. You heard me... my little boy... 11 months..just got his first hair cut!!! Thought I'd share his before and after pic :)

Motherhood is absolutely amazing. I taught infants and children for so long at daycares and preschools that I felt I would know everything and all the pieces would just come together when I had a child of my own..all those veteran moms... the ones who have grandchildren or children in schools all told me that it would be different...I thought they were wrong...but boy was I surprised! When they laid Micah in my arms the first time, I was suddenly scared to death! Gone was the feeling of "oh I've got this!" and it was replaced with doubts and worries and wonders whether I could do it or not. When his big blue eyes stared at me that first time... so full of wonder and trust. All those fears were swept away. I knew I could do it.. I'm his mother. I was made to be his mother just as he was made to be my son. 

Now, almost a year later, it's amazing looking back at his changing personality, physical appearance, and transition from a helpless newborn baby whom I was so proud that he was holding his head up so well to a pre-toddler who is walking everywhere, "reading" books aloud, and exploring everything! 

I love being a mommy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy , busy with first Birthday favors!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The weather here is A-MAZING.. crazy thinking we had snow a couple days ago and i'm in a tank top today :) Took little man on a walk and then while he napped, I worked on his first birthday favors .. they're super cute! I bought some cute blue gingham ribbon and glued it with modge podge around some baby food jars, cut out tags and stamped airplanes on them, and wrote some cute sayings "5 ingredients to a happy 1 yr old" to them.
almost done!

my little irishman

baby food anyone???

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Post!

Hoping to be able to keep up with this blog this time. I'm loving all this time home with little guy... planning his first birthday is ugals of fun :) He's having an airplane theme birthday. I have been trying to find some fun ideas for favors and such.

so far, I have a magnet with his picture on it... still working on the main party favor though... a baby food jar with ribbon wrapped around and a stamped on cute tag with votive candle inside. Yeah.. it's going to be cute :)
pictures will be up when done.. in the meantime I'm taking my friend's idea on a picture frame tray and working on that tomorrow..can't wait to start :)

Still have to figure out this cake-making business as I'm going to attempt to do the inevitable and make my first 3d airplane of course. I can't even make a pineapple upside down cake without the pineapples dying so we'll see how it goes